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Subimago of Oniscigaster wakefieldi

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2024 Joint Meeting of the XVIIth International Conference on Ephemeroptera and XXIst International Symposium on Plecoptera

Second Announcement

All issues of the Mayfly Newsletter are available online Check it out!

A New Online Checklist of Angolan Mayflies has been compiled by Helen James and Ina Ferreira! Check it out! [23 July 2020]

The Mayfly Bibliography has been updated here and there [12 August 2020]

The Conference Proceedings have been updated [31 July 2020]

The List of Mayfly Patronyms has been updated here and there [23 July 2020]

Publications and Bibliography
On-line publications on mayflies and Bibliography of the Ephemeroptera.
On-line catalogs and faunal lists of mayflies.
Other Mayfly Resources
Other information about mayflies, including photos, links to other sites, and various miscellaneous hard-to-classify information.
Who's Who
How to find mayfly workers. About Ephemeroptera Galactica.

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