Ephemeroptera Galactica

Preliminary Checklist of mayfly families, genera and species known from Eastern Central Africa, with synonyms (including authors and dates for all specific name changes).

Compiled by Helen M. Barber-James

Department of Freshwater Invertebrates Albany Museum;
Research Associate Department of Zoology and Entomology, Rhodes Univesity, Grahamstown, South Africa.

December 2014

This checklist aims to include all possible and known mayfly species occurring in Eastern Central Africa (sensu Barber-James and Gattolliat (2012) (Figure 1). These broad bioregions are adapted from Thieme (2005). This list is provisional and will need periodic updating. Not all species included here have been verified in this region but are expected; more fieldwork is needed to ground truth and expand this list. Several new genera and species are recognised as nymphs but need adult material for species confirmation before description is possible. The 254 mm per annum rainfall isohyet demarcates the approximate northern boundary of the Afrotropical region (adapted from Crosskey and White, 1977).

Figure 1. Bioregions of Africa.

Note that in the lists below, the current valid names of the species (indicated by •) are followed by subordinate names when these exist (indicated by ○). The subordinate names are followed by an abbreviation in parentheses, indicating their status. All names, valid or subordinate, are followed by the actual author of that name and the date that name was published. The authors responsible for the latest names changes are indicated at the end of each list of synonyms.
Definitions of abbreviations and terms used:
(comb.) combination: a name recombined with a generic name different from the original;
(dub.)  nomen dubium: a name that is of dubious status in that it cannot presently be determined what the species named as such actually is; although all nomina dubia have a generic name associated with them, keep in mind that some of them cannot actually be placed to any genus with confidence due to the lack, or loss, of original material on which the names were based;
(hom.) homonym: the name (as the unique combination of genus and species names) is or becomes the same as one used for another species at an earlier time; the subordinate homonym, therefore, had to be replaced with a new name, see
(renam.), below; the species name that has priority is also indicated within the parentheses along with (hom.);
(id.) misidentification: another valid species (not a subordinate name) with which the species has incorrectly been associated  in the past;
(orig.) original: the original name, including the original name in its correct form if it has been changed from an incorrectly formed name;
(renam.) renamed: a new name given because the original or recombination of the original is a secondary homonym (the same as  that which has been given to another species previously);
(spell.) spelling: a misspelled or incorrect form of the name;
(stat.) status: represents a change from species to subspecies status within the same species;
(syn.) synonym: another name that was proposed independently for the same species. Normally, the earliest published name takes priority.
(in part): some of the members of this species were originally described as another species.
[sic]: name written as stated by author, even though incorrect






1. Genus AcanthiopsWaltz and McCafferty, 1987
 Acanthiops cooperi (Gillies & Wuillot, 1997)
Platycloeon cooperi Gillies & Wuillot, 1997 (orig.)
Acanthiops cooperi Lugo-Ortiz & McCafferty, 1998 (comb.)
 Acanthiops elgonensis Lugo-Ortiz &McCafferty 1998
Centoptilum sp. no. 3. Demoulin 1964 (syn.)
Acanthiops elgonensis Lugo-Ortiz & McCafferty 1998 (orig.)
Afroptiloides elgonensis Gillies 1999 (comb.)
Acanthiops elgonensis Lugo-Ortiz, Barber-James, McCafferty & de Moor, 2001 (comb.)
 Acanthiops erepens (Gillies, 1990)
Baetis cataractae Crass, 1947 (in part)
Baetis sp. A. Kimmins, 1955 (in part)
Afroptilum erepens Gillies, 1990 (orig.)
Platycloeon erepens Gillies & Wuillot, 1997 (comb.)
Acanthiops erepens Lugo-Ortiz & McCafferty, 1998 (comb.)
 Acanthiops griffithsi Lugo-Ortiz &McCafferty 1998
Afroptiloides griffithsi Gillies 1999 (orig.)
Acanthiops griffithsi Lugo-Ortiz, Barber-James, McCafferty & de Moor, 2001 (comb.)
 Acanthiops variegatus (Gillies, 1991)
Afroptilum variegatum Gillies, 1991 (orig.)
Acanthiops variegatus Barber-James & McCafferty, 1997 (comb.)
Afroptiloides variegatum [sic] Gillies, 1999 (comb.)
Acanthiops variegatus Lugo-Ortiz, Barber-James, McCafferty & de Moor, 2001 (comb.)
 Acanthiops zomba Lugo-Ortiz & McCafferty, 1998
Acentrella sp. A. Kimmins, 1955 (syn.)
Baetis sp. A. Kimmins, 1955 (in part) (syn.)
Centroptilum sp. A. Demoulin, 1970 (syn.)
Afroptilum (Afroptiloides) sp. A. Gillies, 1990 (syn.)
Acanthiops zomba Lugo-Ortiz & McCafferty, 1998 (orig.)
Afroptiloides njombae [sic.] Gillies, 1999. (comb. spell.)
Acanthiops zomba Lugo-Ortiz, Barber-James, McCafferty & de Moor, 2001 (comb.)

2. Genus Afrobaetodes Demoulin, 1970
 Afrobaetodes berneri Demoulin, 1970 [Tanzania, Malawi]
            ○ Afrobaetodes pugio Gillies, 1991 (syn.)
Afrobaetodes intermedius Lugo-Ortiz & McCafferty, 1996 (syn.)

 3. Genus Afroptilum Gillies, 1990
 Afroptilum biarcuatum (Kopelke, 1980)  
Centroptilum biarcuatum Kopelke, 1980 (orig.)
Afroptilum biarcuatum Gillies, 1990 (comb.)
 Afroptilum bicorne (Ulmer, 1909)
Centroptilum bicorne Ulmer, 1909 (orig.)
Afroptilum bicorne Gillies, 1990 (comb.)
 Afroptilum boettgeri (Kopelke, 1980)
Centroptilum boettgeri Kopelke, 1980 (orig.)
Afroptilum boettgeri Gillies, 1990 (comb.)
 Afroptilum dicentrum (Demoulin, 1956)
Centroptilum dicentrum Demoulin, 1956 (orig.)
Afroptilum dicentrum Gillies, 1990 (comb.)
Afroptilum sudafricanum (Lestage, 1924)
Centroptilum sudafricanum Lestage, 1924  (orig.)
Centroptilum montanum Kimmins, 1960 (syn.)
Afroptilum sudafricanum Gillies, 1990 (comb.)

4. Genus Baetis Leach, 1815
 Baetis aeneus Navàs, 1936
 Baetis harrisoni Barnard, 1932
Baetis monikae Kopelke, 1980
 Baetis permultus Kopelke, 1980  
 Baetis pseudogemellus Soldàn, 1977
 Baetis spatulatus Gillies, 1994
 Baetis tripunctatus Gillies, 1994

5. Genus BugilliesiaLugo-Ortiz &McCafferty, 1996
 Bugilliesia grisea (Gillies, 1990) ♂, ♀ imago. Nymph unknown. [Tanzania]
Afroptilum griseum Gillies, 1990 (orig.)
Bugilliesia grisea Lugo-Ortiz & McCafferty, 1996 (comb.)
 Bugilliesia notabilis (Kimmins, 1956) ♂, ♀ imago. Nymph unknown. [Uganda, Tanzania, Guinea, Mali, Ivory Coast]
Centroptilum notabile Kimmins, 1956 (orig.)
Afroptilum notabile Gillies, 1990 (comb.)
Bugilliesia notabilis Lugo-Ortiz & McCafferty, 1996 (comb.)
 Bugilliesia sudanensis (Ulmer, 1916) ♂ imago. Nymph unknown. [Tanzania, Guinea, Gambia, Ivory Coast]
Centroptilum sudanense Ulmer, 1916 (orig.)
Afroptilim sudanense Gillies, 1990 (comb.)
Bugilliesia sudanensis Lugo-Ortiz & McCafferty, 1996 (comb.)

6. Genus Centroptiloides Lestage, 1918
 Centroptiloides bifasciata (Esben-Petersen, 1913) [Southern Africa]
Centroptilum bifasciatum Esben-Petersen, 1913 (orig.)
Centroptiloides bifasciatus Lestage, 1918 (comb.)
Centroptiloides bifasciatum Ulmer, 1920 (renam.)
Haplobaetis umbratus Navás, 1922 (syn.)
Centroptiloides bifasciata Navás, 1922 (renam.)
Centroptiloides marginata Lestage, 1924 (syn.)
Centroptiloides collarti Navás, 1930 (syn.)
Centroptiloides umbratus Lestage, 1945 (syn.)
Centroptiloides bifasciatum (form hyalinum) Crass, 1947 (stat.)
Centroptiloides bifasciata (form marginata)Demoulin, 1957 (stat.)
 Centroptiloides ornatus Gillies, 2001

7. Genus Cheleocloeon Wuillot & Gillies, 1993
Cheleocloeon littorale McCafferty, 2000
 Cheleocloeon sigiense Gillies, 2001

8. Genus Cloeodes Traver,1938
 Cloeodes dentatus (Kimmins, 1956)
Cloeon dentatum Kimmins, 1956
Potamocloeon dentatum Gillies, 1990
            ○ Afroptilum plumosum Wuillot, 1993
Maliqua plumosa Lugo-Ortiz & McCafferty, 1997
Maliqua abdallahi (McCafferty, 2000)

9. Genus CloeonLeach 1815
 Cloeon amaniensis Gillies, 1985
 Cloeon areolatum Navàs, 1930
 Cloeon rhodesiae Barnard, 1932
            ○ Cloeon carneum Navás, 1936 (syn.)
            ○ Cloeon stigmale Navás, 1936 (syn.)
 Cloeon scitulum Kimmins, 1955
 Cloeon smaeleni Lestage, 1924
Procloeon smaeleni Kimmins, 1960 (orig.)
            ○ Procloeon fraudulentum Demoulin, 1957 (syn.)
            ○ Cloeon affine Navás, 1930 (syn.)
            ○ Cloeon incertum Demoulin, 1957 (syn.)
            ○ Cloeon punctatum Navás, 1931 (syn.)
Cloeon smaeleni Gattolliat & Rabeantoandro, 2002 (comb.)
 Cloeon tanzaniae Gillies, 1985    

10. Genus Crassabwa Lugo-Ortiz & McCafferty, 1996
 Crassabwa loweae (Kimmins, 1949)
Centroptilum loweae Kimmins, 1949 (orig.)
Crassabwa loweae Lugo-Ortiz & McCafferty, 1996 (comb.)

11. Genus Dabulamanzia Lugo-Ortiz & McCafferty, 1996
 Dabulamanzia babaora (Wuillot, 1993)
Afroptilum babaorum Wuillot, 1993 (orig.)
Dabulamanzia babaora Lugo-Ortiz & McCafferty, 1996 (comb.)

12. Genus Dicentroptilum Wuillot & Gillies, 1994
Dicentroptilum clandestinum Lugo-Ortiz & McCafferty, 2001
 Dicentroptilum decipiens (Gillies, 1990)
 Dicentroptilum spinulosum (Demoulin, 1970)
Centroptiloides spinulosa Demoulin, 1970 (orig.)
Afroptilum spinulosum Gillies, 1990 (comb.)
Dicentroptilum spinulosum Wuillot & Gillies, 1994 (comb.)

13. Genus Glossidion Lugo-Ortiz & McCafferty, 1998
 Glossidion demoulini Lugo-Ortiz & McCafferty, 1998
 Glossidion mysticum Lugo-Ortiz & McCafferty, 1998

14. Genus Kivuiops   McCafferty & Lugo-Ortiz, 1996 
Kivuiops insueta (Kopelke, 1980)
Cloeon insuetum Kopelke, 1980 (orig.)
Kivua insueta McCafferty & Lugo-Ortiz, 1996 (comb.)

15. Genus Mutelocloeon Gillies & Elouard, 1990
 Mutelocloeon corbeti (Kimmins, 1956)
Centroptilum corbeti Kimmins, 1956 (orig.)
Mutelocloeon corbeti Gillies & Elouard, 1990 (comb.)

16. Genus Ophelmatostoma Waltz & McCafferty, 1987
 Ophelmatostoma camerunense (Ulmer, 1920) [South Africa]
Pseudocloeon camerunense Ulmer, 1920 (orig.)
Pseudocloeon sp. A. Kimmins, 1955 (syn.)
            ○ Ophelmatostoma kimminsi Waltz & McCafferty, 1987 (syn.)
Ophelmatostoma camerunense Gillies, Elouard & Wuillot, 1990

17. Genus Procloeon Bengtsson, 1915
 Procloeon africanum (Esben-Petersen, 1913) [South Africa]
Cloeon africanum Esben-Petersen, 1913 (orig.)
            ○ Cloeon marginale Ulmer, 1916 (syn.)
Austrocloeon africanum Barnard, 1932 (comb.)
Cloeon africanum Demoulin, 1970 (comb.)
Procloeon africanum Gillies, 1997 (comb.)
 Procloeon cylindroculum Kimmins, 1955

18. Genus Pseudocloeon Klapàlek, 1905
 Pseudocloeon glaucum (Agnew, 1961) [South Africa]
Baetis glaucus Agnew, 1961 (orig.)
            ○ Baetis quintus Agnew, 1961 (syn.)
            ○ Labiobaetis masai Lugo-Ortiz & McCafferty, 1977 (syn.)
            ○ Labiobaetis nadineae Lugo-Ortiz & McCafferty, 1997 (syn.)
Pseudocloeon masai Lugo-Ortiz, de Moor & Barber-James, 2000 (comb., syn)
Pseudocloeon nadineae Lugo-Ortiz, de Moor & Barber-James, 2000 (comb., syn)
Pseudocloeon quintum Lugo-Ortiz, de Moor & Barber-James, 2000 (comb., syn.)
Pseudocloeon glaucum Lugo-Ortiz, McCafferty & Waltz, 1999 (comb.)
 Pseudocloeon mtone (Gillies, 1994)
Baetis mtonis Gillies, 1994 (orig.)
Labiobaetis mtonis Lugo-Ortiz & McCafferty, 1997 (comb.)
Pseudocloeon mtone Lugo-Ortiz, McCafferty & Waltz, 1999 (comb.)

19. Genus Pseudopannota Waltz & McCafferty, 1987
 Pseudopannota maculosa (Crass, 1947)
Pseudocloeon maculosum Crass, 1947 (orig.)
Pseudopannota maculosa Elouard, Gillies & Wuillot, 1990 (comb.)

20. Genus Rhithrocloeon Gillies, 1985
 Rhithrocloeon indicator Gillies, 1985
 Rhithrocloeon permirum (Kopelke, 1980)
Cloeon permirum Kopelke, 1980 (orig.)
Rhithrocloeon permirum Gillies, 1985 (comb.)

21. Genus Tanzaniops McCafferty & Barber-James 2005 [=Tanzaniella Gillies, 1991, n. hom., nec Tanzaniella Hoffman, 1977]
Tanzaniops gorillorus (McCafferty, 2002)
Tanzaniella gorillora McCafferty, 2002 (orig.)
Tanzaniops gorillorus McCafferty& Barber-James, 2005 (comb.)
 Tanzaniops spinosus (Gillies, 1991)
Tanzaniella spinosa Gillies, 1991 (orig)
Tanzaniops spinosus McCafferty& Barber-James, 2005 (comb.)

22. Genus Thraulobaetodes Elouard & Hideux, 1991
 Thraulobaetodes cumminsorum Elouard & Hideux, 1991

23. Genus Xyrodromeus Lugo-Ortiz & McCafferty, 1997
 Xyrodromeus africanus Lugo-Ortiz &McCafferty, 1997




Family HEPTAGENIIDAE Needham, 1901

1. Genus Afronurus Lestage, 1924
 Afronurus aethereus (Navàs, 1936) [Kenya, Mt Elgon]
Ecdyonurus aethereus Navàs, 1936 (orig.)
Afronurus aethereus Demoulin, 1965 (comb.)
 Afronurus elgonenis Puthz, 1971 [Kenya, Mt Elgon]
 Afronurus ethiopicus (Soldàn, 1977) [Sudan]
Thalerosphyrus ethiopicus Soldàn, 1977 (orig.)
 Afronurus gilliesi Corbet, 1962 [Tanzania]
 Afronurus negi Corbert, 1960 [Uganda]
 Afronurus pulcher Ulmer, 1930 [DRC]
Adenophlebia collarti Navàs, 1930 (orig.)
Afronurus collarti Demoulin, 1970 (comb.)
 Afronurus ugandanus Kimmins, 1956 [Uganda, Malawi]

2. Genus Notonurus Crass, 1947
Notonurus njalensis (Kimmins, 1937) [Uganda]
Afronurus njalensis Kimmins, 1937 (orig.)
Notonurus njalensis Demoulin, 1956 (comb.)
Compsoneuriella njalensis Gillies, 1963 (comb.)
Notonurus njalensis Demoulin, 1970 (comb.)
Compsoneuriella njalensis Gillies, 1984 (comb.)
Compsoneuria njalensis Braasch & Soldàn, 1986 (comb.)
Thalerosphyrus njalensis de Moor, Barber-James, Harrison & Lugo-Ortiz, 2000 (comb.)
Thalerosphyrus njalensis McCafferty, 2003 (comb.) (official combination)
            ○ Compsoneuria njalensis Webb, Braasch & McCafferty, 2006 (comb.)
Notonurus njalensis Vuataz, Sartori, Gattolliat & Monaghan, 2013 (comb.)

Family OLIGONEURIIDAE Ulmer, 1920

1. Genus Elassoneuria Eaton, 1881
 Elassoneuria candida Eaton, 1913 [Uganda]
 Elassoneuria grandis Gillies, 1974 [Tanzania]
 Elassoneuria kidahi Gillies, 1974  [Tanzania]
 Elassoneuria trimeniana (McLachlan, 1868) [throughout tropical Africa]
Oligoneuria trimeniana McLachlan 1868 (orig.)
Elassoneuria trimeniana Eaton, 1881 (comb.)
            ○ Elassoneuria congolana Navàs, 1911 (syn.)

2. Genus Oligoneuriopsis Crass, 1947
 Oligoneuriopsis dobbsi (Eaton, 1912)  [Kenya]
Oligoneuria dobbsi Eaton, 1912 (orig.)
Oligoneuriella dobbsi Ulmer, 1924 (comb.)
            ○ Oligoneuriella grandevea Navàs, 1936 (syn.)
            ○ Oligoneuriopsis grandevea Demoulin, 1965 (comb.,syn.)
Oligoneuriopsis dobbsi Kimmins, 1960 (comb.)




Family DICERCOMYZIDAE  Edmunds and Traver (1954) (as Dicercomyzinae); new status Jacobus and McCafferty (2006)

1. Genus Dicercomyzon Demoulin, 1954
 Dicercomyzon costale Kimmins, 1957 [Tanzania]
 Dicercomyzon sjösterdti Ulmer, 1910 [Tanzania]
Caenis sjösterdti Ulmer, 1909 (orig.)
Tricorythus sjösterdti Lestage, 1918 (comb.)
Dicercomyzon sjösterdti Demoulin 1954 (comb.)
            ○ Dicercomyzon marginatum Kimmins, 1957 (syn.)

Family TRICORYTHIDAE Lestage, 1942
1. Genus Tricorythus Eaton, 1868
 Tricorythus abyssinica Ulmer, 1930 [Ethiopia]
Neurocaenis abyssinica Demoulin, 1954 (orig.)
Tricorythus abyssinica Oliarinony, Elouard & Raberiaka, 1998 (comb.)
 Tricorythus exopthalmus Kluge 2010 [Uganda]
 Tricorythus lanceolatus Ulmer, 1916 [Uganda]
 Tricorythus latus Ulmer, 1916 [Uganda]
 Tricorythus longus Ulmer, 1916 [Uganda]
            ○ Caenis regia Navás, 1932 (orig.)
            ○ Caenis collarti Navás, 1933 (comb.)
 Tricorythus poincinsi Navás, 1926 [Kenya]
Neurocaenis poincinsi Demoulin, 1954 (orig.)
Tricorythus poincinsi Oliarinony, Elouard & Raberiaka, 1998 (comb.)
 Tricorythus tinctus Kimmins, 1956 [Kenya]

Family EPHEMERYTHIDAE McCafferty & Wang, 2000

1. Genus EphemerythusGillies, 1960
 Ephemerythus kiboensis Gillies, 1960 (orig.) [Tanzania]
Limnokijara kiboensis (Jacobus and McCafferty, 2006) (comb.)
Ephemerythus kiboensis Kluge 2010 (comb.)
 Ephemerythus niger Gillies, 1960 ♂♀ nymph [Uganda, Tanzania]
Ephemerythus dissimillimus Kopelke, 1981 adult male and female
Ephemerythus straeleni Demoulin, 1964 
Ephemerythus niger Kluge 2010 (comb.)
 Ephemerythus pictus Gillies, 1960 [Tanzania]
Limnokijara picta (Jacobus and McCafferty, 2006) (comb.)
Ephemerythus pictus Kluge 2010 (comb.)
 Ephemerythus ugandanus Kluge 2010 [Uganda]

Family MACHADORYTHIDAE McCafferty & Wang, 2000

1. Genus MachadorythusDemoulin, 1959
 Machadorythus maculatus (Kimmins, 1949)
Tricorythus maculatus Kimmins, 1949 (orig.)
Machadorythus palaquim Demoulin, 1959 (syn.)
Machadorythus maculatus Elouard & Gillies, 1989 (comb.)


Superfamily CAENOIDEA

Family CAENIDAE Ulmer, 1920

1. Genus Afrocaenis Gillies, 1982
 Afrocaenis browni Gillies, 1983 [Tanzania]
 Afrocaenis major (Gillies, 1977) [Tanzania]
Caenospella major Gillies, 1977 (orig.)
Afrocaenis major Gillies, 1982 comb.)

2. Genus Afrocercus Malzacher, 1987
 Afrocercus forcipatus Malzacher, 1987 ♂,♀ imago, nymph. [Uganda, Guinea, Ivory Coast]

 3. Genus Caenis Stephens, 1835
 Caenis aethiopica  Navás, 1935 [Ethiopia]
 Caenis aliciae Malzacher, 1990 [Tanzania]
 Caenis antelucana Malzacher, 1990 [Senegal]
 Caenis berneri Kimmins, 1955 [Malawi]
 Caenis brevipes Kimmins, 1956 [Uganda]
Caenomedea brevipes Thew, 1960 (orig.)
Caenis brevipes Malzacher, 1993 (comb.)
 Caenis cibaria Eaton, 1879 [Malawi]
Caenis cibaria Eaton, 1879 (orig.)
Caenomedea cibaria Thew, 1960 (comb.)
Caenis cibaria Malzacher, 1993 (comb.)
 Caenis cincta Demoulin, 1956 [Lake Tanganyika]
Caenomedea cincta Demoulin, 1965 (orig.)
Caenis cincta Malzacher, 1993 (comb.)
 Caenis corbeti Malzacher, 1990 [Uganda]
 Caenis duodecima Malzacher, 1990 [Tanzania]
 Caenis edwardsi Kimmins, 1939 [Uganda]
 Caenis ghibana Malzacher, 1990 [Ethiopia]
 Caenis jinjana (Kimmins, 1956) [Uganda]
Caenodes jinjana Kimmins, 1956 (orig.)
Caenis jinjana Malzacher, 1993 (comb.)
 Caenis kungu Eaton, 1879 {Lake Malawi}
Caenis kungu Eaton, 1879 (orig.)
Caenodes kungu Thew, 1960 (comb.)
Caenis kungu Malzacher, 1993 (comb.)
 Caenis margherita Malzacher, 1990 [Ethiopia]
 Caenis nervulosa Malzacher, 1990 [Ethiopia]
 Caenis noctivaga Malzacher, 1990 [Tanzania]
 Caenis occulta Malzacher, 1990 [Uganda]
 Caenis pallida Malzacher, 1990 Ethiopia, Chad
 Caenis scotti Ulmer, 1930 [Ethiopia]

4. Genus Caenospella Gillies, 1977
 Caenospella meridies Gillies, 1977 [Tanzania]



Family EPHEMERIDAE Ulmer 1920

 1. Genus Afromera Demoulin, 1955 (= Dicrephemera McCafferty & Edmunds, 1973)
 Afromera aequatorialis (Kimmins, 1956) [Uganda]
Ephemera aequatorialis Kimmins, 1956 (orig.)
Afromera aequatorialis Kimmins, 1960 (comb.)
 Afromera natalensis (Barnard, 1931) [Malawi, Uganda]
            ○ Ephemera natalensis Barnard, 1932 (orig.)
Afromera natalensis Demoulin, 1955 (comb.)

2. Genus Eatonica Navás, 1913
 Eatonica crassi McCafferty, 1971 [South Africa]
 Eatonica schoutedeni (Navás, 1911) [South Africa, Kenya,Togo]
Ephemera schoutedeni Navás, 1911 (orig.)
            ○ Hexagenia illustris Eaton, 1913 (syn.)
            ○ Hexagenia fulva Esben-Petersen, 1913 (syn.)
            ○ Hexagenia reticulata Navás, 1913 (syn.)
Eatonica schoutedeni Navás, 1913 (comb.)
            ○ Ephemera nimia Navás, 1915 (syn.)
Pentagenia schoutedeni Umler, 1916 (comb.)
            ○ Eatonica illustris Kimmins, 1960 (comb., syn.)
Eatonica schoutedeni Demoulin, 1970 (comb.)


Family EUTHYPLOCIIDAE Lestage 1921

1. Genus Exeuthyplocia Lestage, 1918
  ●  Exeuthyplocia minima (Ulmer, 1916)[Uganda]
Euthyplocia minima Ulmer, 1916 (orig.)
            Exeuthyplocia minima Lestage, 1918 (comb.)


Family POLYMITARCYIDAE Ulmer, 1920

1. Genus Ephoron Williamson, 1802
 Ephoron savignyi (Pictet, 1843) [Tropical Africa]
Palingenia savignyi Pictet, 1843 (orig.)
Polymitarcys savignyii Eaton, 1871 (comb.)
Polymitarcys savignyi Eaton, 1883 (comb.)
            ○ Polymitarcys capensis Esben-Petersen, 1913 (syn.)
            ○ Polymitarcys temerata Navás, 1916 (syn.)
Ephoron savignyi Spieth, 1940 (comb.)

2. Genus Povilla Navás, 1912
 Povilla adusta Navás, 1912 [Tropical Africa]




1. Genus Adenophlebia Eaton, 1881
 Adenophlebia burgeoni Navás, 1929 [Uganda]

2. Genus Adenophlebiodes Ulmer, 1924
 Adenophlebiodes ornatus Ulmer, 1916  [Uganda]

3. Genus Euthraulus Barnard, 1932
 Euthraulus bugandensis Kimmins, 1956 (Uganda, Tanzania)
 Euthraulus curtus Kimmins, 1956 (Uganda)
 Euthraulus tropicalis Gillies, 1957 (Tanzania)
 Euthraulus usambarae Gillies, 1957 (Tanzania)

10. Genus Hyalophlebia Demoulin, 1955
 Hyalophlebia demoulini (Kimmins, 1960) [East Africa]
Adenophlebiodes demoulini Kimmins, 1960 (orig.)
Hyalophlebia demoulini McCafferty & de Moor, 1995 (comb.)

16. Genus Thraulus Eaton, 1881
 Thraulus fasciatus (Kimmins, 1956) [Uganda]
Hagenulus fasciata Kimmins, 1956 (orig.)
Marsharikella fasciata Peters, Gillies & Edmunds, 1964 (comb.)
Thraulus fasciatus Peters & Edmunds, 1970 (comb.)
 Thraulus torrentis (Gillies, 1964) [Tanzania]
Marsharikella torrentis Gillies, 1964 (orig.)
Thraulus torrentis Peters & Edmunds, 1970 (comb.)


Family: PROSOPISTOMATIDAE Lestage, 1921

1. Genus Prosopistoma Latreille, 1833
 Prosopistoma africanum Gillies, 1954
Prosopistoma undescribed species.


Non-taxonomic references

Barber-James, H.M. and Gattolliat, J-L. 2012. How well are Afrotropical mayflies known? Status of current knowledge, practical applications and future directions. Inland Waters. 2: 1-9.

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