Ephemeroptera Galactica

Catalog of the Australian Mayflies

Michael D. Hubbard, Phillip J. Suter, and Ian C. Campbell

This catalog is based on Catalogue of the Australian Mayflies, Recent and Fossil (Insecta: Ephemeroptera), Special Publication Number 11 of the Australian Society of Limnology, 1996 [43pp], by M. D. Hubbard & I. C. Campbell.

Latest update 28 February 2001

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This catalogue is intended to be a comprehensive, but certainly not exhaustive, listing of references to the described species of the Australian mayfly fauna. It includes all described species of mayflies from Australia. Unnamed species that have associated descriptions in the literature also are included. Included with each species is a summary of the geographic distributions listed in the scientific literature. Listed with each reference to a taxonomic paper is an indication of the stage or stages described or illustrated, if known. Only selected taxonomic references of special importance are listed for each genus.

Geographic distributions are given very broadly (generally by state). Because the mayfly fauna of Australia is still poorly known, and the documented geographic distribution of the described species we do know is extremely patchy, we feel that little purpose would be served by listing precise but very incomplete distributions in a work at such a broad scale as this one. As the Australian mayfly fauna becomes better known, more precise geographic listings will provide a more accurate picture of distributions.

Introduction | Catalog | References
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